3D-Printing Guns Will be Legal by August 1

Starting on August 1, people we be able to download online plans for 3D printing firearms. This comes after Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson won a lawsuit against the State Department, which demanded he remove the blueprints back in 2013, saying it violated weapon exporting laws. Wilson and his company are now exempt from the laws because of the settlement.

The firearm that is at the center of the controversy is the Liberator (above), an all plastic, single shot, 3D printed pistol. Downloading the blueprints and printing the pistol does not require background checks or registration of the firearm itself when it is fully assembled. This is because it is already legal to make your own firearms at home that don’t require a serial number.

While some see this as a win for the secondamendment, several gun control activist groups have written to judges in an attempt to block the plans, saying they pose a threat to the public. What are your thoughts on this?