5 Warnings Social Media “Experts” are Bluffing you

1. They promise you specific results before they hear your business’s goals

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Not every business needs to double their followers. Maybe your business needs to attract a different kind of follower while another needs to build deeper relationships with the sales prospects who have already started following the company’s page. Metrics should be based on your business goals, not what the “expert” is used to doing.


2. They don’t mention content strategy


Social media platforms are channels. You have to say something! Setting up your Facebook page or your Twitter profile is the easy part, and some people will be happy to collect that setup fee and leave you hanging.


3. They don’t engage in conversation

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Social media is all about the conversation. But some IT companies think that transmitting alone is OK. The reality is, you need to be listening and responding too.

You may be putting out the best and most valuable content in the world. But if you’re not engaging others in conversation, you can come off as isolated, or worse, disinterested.

Social media is a great opportunity to start conversations. With your peers, with your clients and with your prospects. You can effectively earn permission to talk to potential new clients.

Don’t waste that opportunity.


4. They give you recommendations about what you should do, but they haven’t looked up what you have already done.

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An online marketing expert should have the Google chops to get a general idea of your online presence in about 15 minutes.


5. They make you feel stupid

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If the “expert” can’t explain social media in a way you understand, that’s a red flag that they may not fully understand how it works. Online activity should have an IRL (“in real life”) counterpart or consequence, because real people are behind those “follows.” If they are uncomfortable shedding their industry jargon to talk about these tangible connections – these people in your audience- buyer beware.