Google Maps Will Now Notify You When’s Time To Get Off the Bus or Subway

You can’t miss your stop no more

Google Maps is adding a helpful new feature for travelers and commuters who tend to daydream or lose track of time during their train, subway, or bus ride. The app will now send a push notification when you’re approaching your stop.

This tiny-but-useful addition is something that some other navigation apps (like CityMapper) already do, and can go a long way in pulling you out of a podcast or Spotify haze so that you get off at the right place.

Maps has always done turn-by-turn notifications for driving directions, but you’re naturally more attentive when behind the wheel. It’s much easier for mass transit travelers to doze off or get distracted and miss their intended stop. Now, you’ll get a notification that’ll make staying on the train or bus too long less likely.

Google’s blog post focuses on Android, but the new notifications are also present on the iOS version of Google Maps.