Iphone 8, all you Need to Know, Price estimated thousands of dollars

Name and Model

Möjligtvis får vi se tre olika modeller, där jubileumsmodellen kallas för Iphone 8, Iphone X, Iphone Pro eller Iphone Edition. Till det kommer två aningen billigare modeller med LCD-skärmar och i stort samma design som nuvarande modell, troligen kallade 7S och 7S Plus.

Japanska Macotakara påstår att jubileumsmodellen kommer kallas Iphone Edition, och att Apple ännu inte har färdigställt den utan fortfarande provar olika designer. Prototyper som testas just nu ska bland annat vara med och utan hemknapp, med lcd och amoled, och dessutom med tre olika material på baksidan: glas, aluminium och keramik.

Launch date and possible delays

Mostly, the new models of Iphone will appear on an event in September and the launch will take place shortly thereafter. However, initially, access will be limited, so expecting a copy of the first month will be difficult.

According to a report by Fast Company, Apple’s engineers are fervently trying to solve a number of issues with “Iphone 8” prior to the launch of the fall.

The main issues are wireless charging and facial recognition, two long-awaited features that currently do not work as intended. It is said to have a “sense of panic” on Apple for the risk that Iphone 8 will be delayed due to the problems.

An imaginable solution by the well-known choreographer John Gruber is to sell a wireless charging accessory separately and in that case it may be released in connection with an update of IOS 11.

According to Economic Daily News, there are also talks about delays for the Iphone 7S and Iphone 7S Plus, ie the two cheaper models. It is alleged that the production of series is not going on seriously until August, making it difficult to deliver copies already in September.

In this context, it should be noted that there have been rumors of delays for every Iphone launch, and at its height it has been a limited volume during the first month.

Price tag
We are not immediately spoiled with cheap Iphones, and now it seems that the next top model of Iphone is getting even more expensive. Fast Company reports that the price tag probably ends up over $ 1,000.

Today, the 256GB version of Iphone 7 Plus costs $ 969 in the US, in Sweden SEK 10,995. So it’s not hard to imagine a prize of 12-13,000 kronor, or more, for the top model of the Iphone. There are many new expensive components to fit in, all in a whole new design.

Iphone 8 concept
Will the home button disappear from Iphone 8?
According to Digitimes, for example, the price of the 3D Touch Module in Iphone 8 will be increased by 67 percent compared to that used in Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 Plus. The old module costs 9 dollars, while the new one is said to cost 15 dollars.

If Apple wants to keep its margins, the price needs to be raised; on the other hand, the company is risking sales if the price tag is as high as a thousand dollars.