Tesla’s Is Changing the Game With New In-Car WiFi and a 360-Degree View Update

Monday Elon Musk was on a twitterstorm got into engaging conversations with some Tesla fans .
Firstly he was asked if he will include a wireless hotspot, which he responded by saying :

  • ” We could add that function pretty easily from a technical standpoint.
    Just need to add in the billing software.”

Tesla’s fans in additon to the wireless hotspot idea led to requesting for a 360 – degree camera view which he fond it very amusing  :

  • ” Interesting idea. Would give a dynamic 360 deg surround view as you’re driving. Have this in dev mode. Can be a bit distracting though.”

This function is already in development by Tesla, could allow a 360 – degree view while driving , the idea of including  hotspot in cars its not something new but fans sure are making it more popular.

Tesla got to twitter about the new Tesla updates on the Autopilot that are coming pretty soon.

  • ” Excited about the Tesla Autopilot software release rolling out next month.
    New control algorithm feels as smooth as silk.
    control algorithm is safe, but unpleasant.
    New one is even safer, but super smooth. “

Musk’s original plan was to have every Tesla fully autonomous  by 2017, Tesla will be conducting a coast to coast test drive this year, during which the human driver is expected not to take over control at all.
On TED 2017 2017 Musk confirmed that future Teslas on the road may be as autonomous as the coast to coast test car.
Musk has alread stated that if aoutonomous driving demandas upgrades to the computers in any of the Tesla models, the design should make the process simple according to Inverse
Supposedly the updates will be making Tesal’s cars even more safer, so its easy for all of us to be excited .


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