5 Animals that act Weird During Eclipses

People aren’t the only ones buzzing about the coming eclipse — some of our animal friends have a long-documented habit of reacting strangely to celestial high jinks

1. Dogs

Bildresultat för scared dogs

About half of the dogs observed during the eclipse appeared frightened. A chow pup ran under a shed, for example, and wouldn’t come out.

“Unfortunately, very few observations were sent into the Eclipse Committee describing the effect that the darkness or sudden change of temperature had on plants,” the group lamented. Two flowers were caught closing their petals during the darkness by observant New Englanders.


2. Owl monkeys

Bildresultat för Owl monkeys

owl monkeys forage at dawn, dusk, and also by moonlight. Three total lunar eclipses recorded in Argentina in 2003 and 2004 were enough to send a troop of owl monkeys, fitted with tracking collars, into hiding on the ground during pitch-dark periods

3. Birds

Relaterad bild

They act weird.

4. Orb-Weaver Spiders Destroy their webs

These spiders dutifully build their webs at dawn and take them down at dusk every day. They reacted to a July 11, 1991, total solar eclipse in Mexico by frantically disassembling their webs as soon as the total coverage of the sun began.

After the 10 minutes of daytime darkness ended, they built the webs back up. As a bonus, the observations answered a mystery as to which spiders get the best places to catch bugs when the colony sets up its webs every day.

5. Chimps

Bildresultat för chimps


Our closest genetic cousins certainly notice eclipses too, climbing to high places to watch the sky, according to scientific reports. During a 1984 “annular” solar eclipse — when the moon covers the disc of the sun but leaves a “ring of fire” visible in the sky — scientists witnessed a troop of chimps carefully observing the event.