IPhone 8, All you need to know

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Update: The latest rumors suggest once again that the iPhone 8 could be delayed, as well as claiming that Touch ID might not be included in any form and that you won’t be able to buy the phone in white.

iPhone 8 is Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone that’s posed to celebrate with radical changes. We haven’t seen a new look in three years of minor upgrades, so prepare to be wowed.

Tim Cook will wave around the all-new phone in just a few weeks, according to all of the latest iPhone 8 rumors. But what’s true and what’s hopeful thinking? Let’s review every major iPhone 8 leak so far.

The most immediate change is to the name: iPhone 8 is the default name we’re using, but it could be iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Why? This is way bigger than a modest iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus refresh that’s still said to be on the way.

Yes, that would mean three new iPhone models to chose from at once.

Every iPhone 8 rumor really gives us a sense that Apple is overhauling its phone with at least one premium design – what we’re calling the iPhone 8 – while also providing a basic specs bump for an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Yes, that would mean three new iPhone models to chose from at once.

We’re sorting through all of the rumors to deliver the facts and cut through the far-fetched speculation, from the always-changing release date theories to the all-important iPhone 8 price.